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 AMA combines French chic and Japanese mystique, being born in Paris, the heart of fashion, and inspired by truly authentic Japanese culture, but satisfying modern American tastes.

"According to the legend, AMAs 海女 were Japanese mermaids who dived into the sea to seek for rare pearls. They were a special caste of curvy women and, because of their particular physical traits, the only ones permitted to gather these treasures." 


Until now, curvy women have been constantly in the position of choosing the best of the worst. They have had to wear what was available, creating a hodgepodge look, without ability to express their own style.

A further problem is the cut of the clothing — most clothes should be designed differently when the sizes go up, not just mirroring straight size trends. Another side of the issue is that there is no one haute couture brand dedicated exclusively to curvy women.




We strive to make them more Ambitious, Elegant,  Authentic, Exquisite.

We believe our clothes are created to break down the wall between Vogue magazine old standards and real curvy women who feel the need to show who they are through the outfits. 



  • Refined quality haute couture garments. 
  • Truly individual approach as we are ready to make You feel unique by tailoring our pieces according to - Your personal needs. 
  • Selected pieces, uniquely designed and based on the needs and ideas of our focus group. 

Shop, feel unique and fill your jewel-box with us!



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