AMA Unique offer plus size jackets for women who want to be elegant and comfortable. You will find classic but also original colors like our chameleon effect which changes shade depending on the light.

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    Bronze classic blazer


    Any woman needs a blazer in her wardrobe. A blazer is less formal than women's suit jackets, so this…

  • Business red blazer-1

    Business red blazer


    Nothing is more eye-catching and brighter than this red blazer. Red is always on-trend, and this pie…

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    Classic blue blazer


    It is so easy to be elegant in this blue classic fit blazer! If your business diary is full of event…

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    Grey round neck jacket


    This women’s grey jacket is inspired by Asian traditional attire. The main attraction of this …

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    Plum  V-neck jacket-1

    Plum V-neck jacket


    This suit jacket with V-neck is fashionable yet casual. ÁMA offers you a standout piece that&…

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    Women’s red jacket


    Weddings, office meetings, garden parties, interviews – yep, this elegantly tailored red blaze…

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    Women’s white blazer


    This white women’s blazer jacket is one of the must-have pieces for every woman’s wardro…

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