If you wonder what to wear during this period or for the autumn 2020? The editorial team tells you everything!

In these difficult times for the whole world, many people have to do their tasks from domicile in order to preserve their health and that of others. For some persons it's a great opportunity to regain your independence, a little more freedom.
If you are not used to it, it can be scary, difficult... For some it is hard to stay lock down, the lack of sociability is felt. But being in the house doesn't mean you have to give up style!
We are happy for you if you manage to work in pajamas in bed but if you need a helping hand to get into the “job” rhythm, we invite you to discover our nice selection. Not in a suit or an evening attire, but in comfy pieces that do not make so much “out of bed”. Even if the desk is a few feet from where you sleep, (well) dressing promotes concentration, self-esteem. So what to put on when you do your tasks from their residence to stay professional while feeling cozy? Why not let yourself be tempted by a Japanese attire?
It's the ideal mid-point between chill pajamas and business clothes!

Here are 5 looks to try right now!

Both jacket and blouse, sometimes even a robe in a long version, the garment from Asia has it all! It is an ultra-trendy item, easy to put on that you will love. It is an essential piece in a wardrobe. On our e-shop, we offer two kimonos set with trousers but also a stylish black kimono. All our clothes correspond to all body types, shapes. We are so proud of it.

You will love our women's plus size pant suits which are among the top fashion trends 2020. AMA Unique also proposes you a choice of two clothing which are very cozy. If you are tired of a basic garment, look at our one sleeve maxi dress. You will feel so good thanks to this amazing quality. It is wrinkle-free, soft, smooth, bright... It is appropriate for any measurement and curvy ladies, generally like this straight cut!

With this cutie black floral kimono outfit, fell the freedom of movement. The floral prints give you a smile, energy. This is an ideal option. Wear it as a maxi robe or as a tunic combine with the pants! Opt for its breathable, sweat-resistant side. This is the essential item for a labor day at home!