AMA Unique suggests you high-quality custom-made women's shoes. Our e-shop is composed of mules, high heels sandals, Barbie, Bjork boots, loafers, brogue and many more articles. If your size is not included in our standard line, tell us via our CONTACT US page and command the dimensions required. We make our best to give you the most comfy products from stylish workday to weekend casual, for all seasons and all circumstances.

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  • Blue_Bjork_boots_1

    Blue Bjork boots


    Would you like something more romantic but practical at the same time? If you think that tender wome…

  • Blue_mule_heel_shoes_3

    Blue heel mules


    Slip into the new season with these mule high-heel shoes. What are mules? Actually, it’s a clo…

  • Pink_heeled_sandals_1

    Pink heeled sandals


    If you are looking for the exclusive design sandals, don’t pass by. The T-strap design of thes…

  • Pink_platform_brogue

    Pink platform brogue


    Stylish and comfortable, brogue shoes revive masculine trend in women’s fashion. But don&rsquo…

  • Red_mule’s_shoes_1

    Red mules


    When we speak of warm-weather footwear, traditionally we mean sandals, loafers, boat shoes, or canva…

  • Red_platform_loafers

    Red platform loafers


    Women’s loafers are a timeless classic. It is difficult to find anybody who doesn’t have…

  • Suede_blue_mule_3

    Suede blue mules


    Do you know what mule shoes are? This is a backless style of shoes that go with everything and impro…

  • Suede_orange_mule’s_shoes_3

    Suede orange mules


    Women's mule shoes are something that will definitely suit your style. These are backless slip-on sh…

  • White_Bjork_boot_1

    White Bjork boots


    Women’s boots are not considered the most womanish footwear, but they are extremely popular am…

  • Yellow_high_heel_sandals_1

    Yellow high heel sandals


    Do not pass by this pair of incredibly bright T-strap yellow sandals. Their design combines chic, fe…

13 of 13 Items