Sometimes it is difficult to buy a dress that fits especially if you make a purchase in an online store. We take care of our customers and that is why we’ve created this size guide. You can use it if you are not sure about the right size as AMA brand demonstrates a wide range of sizes from S to plus size clothing. If you don’t find your size in our size chart, you can always contact us to make a custom order.
Please, note that this woman's clothing size chart is related to AMA brand, and we don’t guarantee the size matching with other brands. Please, contact us for more information on measurements for a particular style.


The length from the back to the waist

Measured from the 7th cervical vertebra along the back to the tightly encircled waist.

The total length of the thing

Measured from 7th cervical vertebra to the desired product length.

The length of the front to the waist

Measured from the 7th cervical vertebra, then from him a tape of a centimeter-length, enveloping the lateral part of the neck, passes through a high point of the chest to the waist line.

The length of the shoulder

Measured from from the base of the neck to the end of the clavicle.

Sleeve length

Measured from the humerus (base of the arm) to the base of the thumb.

Sleeve length to the elbow

Measured from the humerus to the elbow.

Neck circumference

Measured from the neck at the base of it, with the head slightly thrown back, to the middle of the cervical cavity. Half measure is recorded.

Chest circumference

Measured at the level of the armpit, along the high part of the chest, with the coverage of the lower ends of the shoulder blades. The measure is recorded in half size. Measure of half of the chest area, is the size of the item.

Waist circumference

Measured at the waistline. Half measure recorded.

The circumference of the hips

Measured on the convex parts of the buttocks with coverage of the convexities of the abdomen. Half measure is recorded.

The circumference of the elbow.

Measured along the line of the elbow. Half measure is recorded.

The circumference of the wrist.

Measured at the base of the hand. Half measure is recorded.

The length of the trousers

Measured on the side from the waist line to the ossicle.

The length from waist to knees

Measured from the waistline to the top of the patella.

The semicircle of the belt for a swimsuit bra

Measured under the breast.

The length of the skirt

Measured from the waistline to the desired length.