Summer Collection

Summer is the time of relax and new discoveries. This is the time of long walks, sand beaches, backyard parties, and general fun. And it’s high time to search for your own unique clothing styles to feel free and natural, and let every woman be who she really is. Explore AMA’s trends celebrating vibrancy and vividness of any women. The Summer Collection features high-quality classy clothing for modern women who want to be comfortable and stylish all the time. In this collection, you will find the right apparel for any occasion: whether you go shopping, attend a party, have a business lunch or just want to relax on the beach. We learned all about the tastes and needs of real modern women and created unique women’s designer clothes that make you look and feel young, beautiful, and sexy. Just choose an outfit that ideally demonstrates your personality and identity and lets you shine bright as the hot summer sun. It doesn’t matter what size you are. We offer clothes for ladies of any size and body type, so if you are in search of plus-size summer dresses for women, this is the right way to find them. We think that any woman is beautiful, and we aim to help you to highlight your beauty with our clothes. Slim and curvy, tall and short, younger and older – we love all of you and created the perfect summer outfits for any woman. For the chic women’s clothing from the Summer Collection, we used a fabric specially elaborated for the spring and summer weather. This synthetic fabric is sweat resistant, which makes it ideal for a hot day in the city. Combining the finest textiles, we created clothing that doesn’t wrinkle and it is soft and smooth to touch. Your days will be bright and energetic with the unique prints and flashy colors we used in our new clothing collection. Take, for instance, the colorful boat neck T-shirt with a special branded print and a stylish soft cut. This item will make a great addition to your wardrobe. And if you combine it with a silk skirt with an elegant curl on the front, your look will be complete. Each dress in this collection has its unique print and design, making your look unique too. Just choose your favorite silhouette. Do you want a dress that emphasizes your waistline, or do you want it to have a fluid look? Your dress can also have a vivid colorful print with a mix of flowers or an abstract geometric print. Let your garment reflect your mood and the spirit of the season. Let it be your own choice. Summer is impossible without swimming. AMA’s team of designers also took care of your beach style and created a stylish one-piece swimsuit. It highlights the best parts of your figure and ensures that you look gorgeous wearing it. And a pearl of this collection, a long cotton coat is meant to turn the coldest days into a perfect reason to demonstrate your refined taste and style. Don’t be afraid with cool breeze in the evening, you’ll feel protected and warm. AMA is an online unique women's clothing boutique where any women can take a breath of fresh summer ideas and styles. It doesn’t matter what item you prefer, you’ll be equally perfect in this cute plus-size one-piece swimsuit or summer trench coat. Find your style, combine and experiment, change and accept, agree and refuse – summer is the best time to try new looks with AMA. Enjoy warm weather and jump into summer with our new collection!

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