Summer Style

Our plus size summer clothes selection for women is made of dresses, skirts, tops, one-piece swimsuit and also a coat. This is ideal for your holiday in the sun, summer in the city or for the evenings of the season.

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  • Blue midi skirt -1

    Blue midi skirt


    Our blue midi skirt is ideal for girls who want to show and accentuate their slender legs. With a cu…

  • Women’s_summer_coat_1

    Blue summer coat


    At ÁMA we get inspiration from traditional Japanese wear. While creating our women’s co…

  • Floral light blue off the shoulder dress-1

    Light blue floral dress


    Our off-the-shoulder light blue dress is the ultimate in feminine chic. This stunning maxi is all ab…

  • One_sleeve_maxi_dress_1

    One sleeve designer dress


    Growing tired of standard dresses? Incorporate a new edgy cut into your everyday style. One sleeve d…

  • Pink midi skirt - 1

    Pink midi skirt


    Accentuate your figure and slender legs with our pink pencil skirt. Choose this pink midi skirt for …

  • Red midi skirt - 1

    Red midi skirt


    Designed to highlight the best parts of your figure, this red mini skirt gives the illusion of longe…

  • One sleeve maxi dress - 1

    Summer floral grey dress


    There's something about this gray dress that makes it magnificent. Gray is the most universal color …

  • White_asymmetrical_hem_dress_with_print_1

    White floral print dress


    Our collection of dresses provides you with gorgeous items inspired by traditional Japanese Kimono. …

  • Floral_off_the_shoulder_top-1

    White floral top


    If you strive to emphasize your modernity and individuality, want to look vibrant and stylish, try o…

11 of 11 Items