Dear user, we are glad to see you on our website, which includes all the related web pages, content, functionality and services suggested to you here. It is called the “Website” hereinafter and it is operated by Fashion Greatness USA Inc. (hereinafter referred to as “Company “, “ÁMA Unique”, “ÁMA”, or "we "). The privacy of ÁMA’s customers is our main priority. Our Privacy Policy is designed to ensure that your personal information is treated responsibly and with regard to your rights. This Privacy Policy is applied to any kind of personal information we may receive from you when you deal with our Website. Here you can learn how we use this information and what measures we take to protect it when we have to share it with third parties. This Privacy Policy is not applicable to any other website or application that may be accessed from the Website. See “Links to Other Websites” section below. The fact that you enter the Website and use it means that you understand and agree to recognize the terms of this Privacy Policy and you give us permission to collect and use all the information we receive from you. Please do not give your private information if you do not accept this Privacy Policy.


Our Website is hosted and managed in the USA, in accordance with the prevailing laws and regulations of the United States. By giving us your private information by using our Website, you understand and confirm an agreement to the gathering, storing, handling and transmission of this information in and to the United States, and resign any claims that may occur under applicable foreign laws.


This Privacy Policy as well as any information on this Website can be changed at any time at our own discretion and determination. You can monitor any material changes to our Privacy Policy on this page. If you continue to use this Website after the changes, this means that you absolutely agree with these changes.


ÁMA gathers data that you choose to submit through any action taken on the Website: transactions, user registrations, surveys, etc. We also keep information that you give to our in-store consultants. Please keep in mind that fact when you decide to take part in any contest, survey, or sweepstakes, or enter your personal data when filling any form on the Website.

ÁMA may gather and keep information of two kinds: "personal information" (personally identifiable information) and "automatic information" (information taken automatically.)

“Personal information” is such information that can be used to ascertain your identity. This is your personal name and surname, gender, shipping and email addresses, your card details, age, date of birth, any individual preferences, etc.

“Automatic information” is information on your computer and provider that helps to identify your connection to the Internet. It is gathered automatically without your permission any time you enter our Website. This is your IP address, the type of your computer device and your browser.

“Web beacons” and “cookies” are also used on our Website as a source of automatic information.  A "cookie" is a term used to define a small piece of data sent to your computer by a website when you visit it. Your computer device stores it in a file placed inside your web browser. Cookies are used to identify the website’s visitors and keep track of their activities. This helps you to stay registered, resume theme selection or preferences.  This is a reliable mechanism to remember stateful information on products and services of your personal interest. We use cookies for a lot of practical reasons and they are not meant to be harmful for you. We do not receive any personal information through cookies (like your real name or address) if you do not want to inform us about it. Most browsers accept cookies in the default mode but you can change the settings to forbid automatic cookies acceptance or to enable only certain categories to be downloaded on your computer device. If you do so, it is most likely that some functions of the Website will be disabled fully or partially, and we do not guarantee the correct work of the Website. "Web beacons", otherwise known as web bugs, are small graphic images often invisible that are placed on a website or in emails to track the behavior of the user. We use web beacons to make your performance on the Website more efficient and easier. We guarantee that user's unique information will not be recorded with the help of cookies or web beacons on our Website and any related emails or newsletters.

In case we associate information received automatically with your personal information, such automatic information will be regarded as personal information.


The only reason we gather this information is to give our customers with high-quality products and services. All the received details are used for two goals: to enhance and personalize your shopping experience, and to improve our boutique.

Some personal instruction is required to carry out your order: you name, address, telephone number are obligatory to send you the command and obtain your confirmation; you need also to define your size and some preferences to make it properly. It may be necessary to contact you with questions on your order and its facts.

Our women's clothing online store needs your details to make our communication more efficient and productive. We communicate with you for the purposes of marketing and promotion. We can send you emails or phone messages to check the effectiveness of our Website’s work, to inform you about the changes, to analyze the proficiency of our staff, etc.

We do not aim to discover confidential, commercial details or business secrets via this website. Any instruction voluntary provided to us will be regarded as non-confidential. You agree with it by using the e-shop and therefore you allow us to use this information in any way and for any goal without payments and compensations.


We take all the necessary steps to keep your personal information secure. We have taken appropriate actions using electronic, physical, and administrative resources to protect your private data and avoid accidental or unlawful destruction, loss, unauthorized disclosure or access, unauthorized changes, misuse, and any other undesirable form of data manipulation in our custody. We use SSL encryption technology – a cryptographic protocol that provides a secure channel between your computer and our Website when you make an order to protect your private information during data transfer. But emails are not encrypted, that is why your credit card details shouldn’t be transmitted by email.

Though we aim to protect your personal data, we cannot guarantee that information about you will not be accessed, disclosed, watched, changed, or destroyed, according to the circumstances of the case. Note that you provide us with such information at your own risk and on your own responsibility. We shall not be liable for the leak of your private data due to inaccuracies, errors, omissions, or unauthorized acts of third parties.

To create a profile on the Website you need to indicate your email address and set up a password. You must keep the security of your online transactions and not share your password and account information with any unauthorized individual. Use a secure web browser, from time to time it is necessary to change your password to avoid the leaks of information. In case you decided to cancel a password, or if you suspect it was stolen, lost, or used unauthorizedly, contact our customer service.


We do not share, sell, rent, or otherwise transmit any personal data that we receive from you and about you via the Website, except sharing it among our subsidiaries and affiliates and third parties that provide services necessary to fulfill your order, e.g., performing services for us in connection with the Website, to complete or confirm a transaction that you conduct with us, perform professional or technical support for us. We may disclose your private information following the requirements of the laws, applicable regulations, governmental requests, court orders or subpoenas. We reserve the right to disclose information to protect our rights and their safety, our property, property and/or safety of other users of the Website or the general public.

ÁMA’s central database of customer information possesses data from both online and offline sources. When you sign up, create your account, change some account details, sign up for the advertising materials, make an order, communicate with our customer service, you provide us with information which we add to your profile information on the database.

We do not authorize any third party to make any other use of your information except providing you with services you give your permission.

We do not give your personal information to other users of the Website. We may use and/or disclose to others aggregated or anonymous information about you that makes it impossible to identify you by third parties. E. g., ÁMA may reveal the number of visitors to our Websites or the number of customers who have ordered a certain piece.

We may transmit or reveal personal information in cases when ÁMA and/or its subsidiaries or affiliates become engaged in a business transition. This can be a merger, acquisition by another company, the sale of a business unit or assets, or any other "change of owner" transaction. In this case personal information is considered to be one of the transferred business assets but it is still subject to the guarantees provided by ÁMA in any previous privacy policy.


Yes, it is quite possible. ÁMA takes the requests to unsubscribe or opt out of the email subscription, newsletters and/or any promotional materials with understanding and respect.  The same applies to the emails that we let the third parties to send to their own customers and subscribers. There are two easiest ways to let us know that you don’t want to receive our materials.

  • There is a built-in unsubscribe option in emails you receive from us. Follow the link and opt out from receiving our promotional materials in future.
  • If you are a registered user of the Website, you can enter your profile’s settings and make any changes on this point.

These changes may come into operation not at once and you may continue to receive any materials from ÁMA via email but we handle such requests as soon as it is practicable. In case you unsubscribed or opt out from receiving our promotional materials, we may still contact you if necessary.


ÁMA’s Website is a general public site, but our products and services are not designed to appeal to minors. We consider any person under thirteen to be a child and we do not gather or keep personally identifiable information from children deliberately or intentionally. No part of this Website is intended to engage anyone under this age. Protecting the privacy of young children is especially important to ÁMA Unique that is why if we are informed, or discover, or have reason to believe that private information is being provided by a user under the age of thirteen, we will delete that child's personal information from our systems. If you are a parent or guardian and you got to know that your child had provided us with their personal information, please contact us so that we will be able to take necessary actions.


The Website contains links to other websites. When you are using this Website, you may be linked or directed to websites which are not operated by ÁMA. Links and banners may take you to our advertisers, sponsors, partners, social media platforms. These websites operate independently from us and may have their own privacy notices or policies. We strongly suggest you review them before you provide them with your personal information. We are not responsible for the privacy practices of any third-party sites or services, or the content of these websites, or the way in which they will use information they collect about you.


According to California Civil Code sections 1798.83-1798.84, California residents have the right to know what personal information we have gathered about you, with whom we have shared that information and for what purpose. You have the right to ask us for information and to opt-out of the sales of any personal information.

You have the right to obtain a transportable copy of the notice of your personal information that we have collected in the period that is 12 months prior to the request date. If you are a California resident and would like to receive this copy, please contact us by e-mail of our customer service on our website or by e-mail Please allow 30 days for a response. We will need to confirm your identity and California residency to process your request.


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