For a first date, you necessarily want to make a good impression. And above all, to seduce! The problem is, you're running out of inspiration and don't know what outfit to go for. We give you all our great advice on how to dress for a date!

After days or even weeks of waiting, you've landed a date with the guy of your dreams. You have a few hours to seduce him.

To put the odds in your favor, you want to bring out THE outfit that will make him crack and that will help you feel good. And we understand you!

The problem ? No matter how much you flip your dressing room and try all the possible fashion equations, you just can't seem to find the perfect look for your romantic dinner.

You want to be stylish, sexy but not overly so, while remaining natural. In short, a big puzzle in sight!

The most important thing for a love meeting is to feel comfortable. No more twelve-centimeter stiletto heels if you're a regular at Stan Smith.
So how to look your best for a date? Above all, you have to be yourself. Trust us, this is how you are best!

What if you let yourself be tempted by our classic blue blazer? It is the ideal alternative between chic and casual if you wear it with jeans and a modern top with prints or lace.

You can also wear our red jacket. It does absolutely the whole outfit. Wear it with classic pants or black jeans for a more modern effect. But we recommend the total look with the women's pant suits that go with it.

These plus size women's pant suits are elegant and very comfortable because of the cut which is wide. We are so proud of our designer pants. The quality is just amazing!

The pencil skirt will always have its effect. Very simple, it is perfect both during the day and at night. With the right fashion accessories, it's THE safe romantic dinner look. In addition, our chameleon skirt refines you and lengthens your figure. You will love its daring and original side!

If you want to show that you are a self-confident woman who prides herself on being unique, you absolutely have to go to your date with this sublime printed coat. At AMA Unique, we are aware that women's coats are very important, especially woman’s plus size coats because they are strong pieces that make the whole outfit.

What if you fell in love with an incredible piece? The corset! It refines the size, brings a touch of freshness and above all shows your very fashionable and trendy side.

Here are our tips for looking good for a date. We hope this will have helped you!